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Ииву Цити, Зхејианг


Холиале Традинг – Висока репутација Ииву извозног агента

Yiwu Market have large or small manufacturers, as well as many agencies. And how to properly choose the manufacturers you want? This is an agonizing problem for customers. They spend much time on finding yiwu market manufacturers, but in the end they would find the agency. Ok, let me introduce the information about yiwu market manufacturers.


Some of yiwu’s powerful manufacturers locates in yiwu induatrial district: such as Beiyuan Industrial district, economic development area, dachen (The hometown of Chinese shirt) houzhai Industrial district, qinkou ( east induatrial district), heyetang induatrial district, fotang induatrial district, suxi Industrial district, niansanli Industrial district, yiting Industrial district, shangxi Industrial district, donghe Industrial district, etc. You can find those places on a Yiwu map.
Of course it is difficult to find the manufacturers you want, Goodcantrading, here will introduce the ways to find your own manufacturers ( not 100% right): you can find your products store centre in yiwu international trade city, and take some catalogs from the stores, generally speaking, manufacturers will have their product catalogs, of course you can identify manufactures according to your professional perspective. Then you can also judge from customized samples and many ways, not 100% exactly right, but you can contact me. We are sure to help you find creditable manufacturers.

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