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Ииву Цити, Зхејианг


Холиале Традинг – Висока репутација Ииву извозног агента

Yiwu festival craft market mainly involve hair accessories, masks, artificial flowers, toys, festival cap, festival clothes, red envelopes,christmas craft and so on more than one category.
Yiwu festival craft market mainly exported to the United States, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, the united Arab emirates and other countries.
As the U.S. economy recovery, be able to release the potential of export to USA market, which makes products output rising yiwu festival.In addition, because of yiwu foreign trade enterprise attaches great importance to the festival supplies market, emerging markets such as Brazil, Egypt, Mexico festival supplies demand rose sharply.
In order to improve the quality of export of yiwu festival supplies products, export enterprises should put the good raw materials quality, further standardize the enterprise quality management system, and strengthen technical service, improve the competitiveness of the internationalyiwu wholesale market.

Ииву Фестивал Црафт Маркет

Ииву Фестивал Црафт Маркет

Yiwu Festival Cap

Yiwu christmas festival craft

Yiwu christmas tree

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