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Шаҳри Иву, Чжэцзян


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Yiwu stationery market is located in yiwu international trade city district 3, second floor, Market open from 9:00am to 5:00pm.The market has more than 2500 stationery stores. Products including: pen,paper, school bag, eraser, pencil sharpener,notebook, clips, book cover,correction fluid.


Yiwu stationery market was founded in 2005, after ten years of continuous development. Yiwu stationery marketbecome one of the biggest market in yiwu market. Gathered here an several large domestic manufacturers,world brand and china famous brand products etc. Such as rich products of the market can provided different consumers needs. Can also be customized products according to customers needs. In this market you can buy quality and reliable products with low price. This is one of yiwu wholesale market’s charm.
China has a lots of stationery market, such as Ningbo, Wenzhou,Guangdong and other city has a very good stationery market. But if you want to purchase the wholesale stationery, Yiwu stationery market is definitely your first choice. Here with full of competition, The competition to promote the research and developments of new products, variety of products and cheaper prices.

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