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The Usefulness of Finding Chinese Agents in 1688 Wholesale

China dominates the world of global trade, offering large quantities of products at competitive prices. If you want to buy products from China, then you may need a reliable Chinese agent. Many Alibaba suppliers stipulate that buyers must have an agent in China to manage the logistics of shipping products. A reliable agent can bring you many conveniences and benefits, let’s explore them together.

Get to know 1688 agent, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, is China’s leading B2B platform, known for its wide product range and competitive wholesale prices. For businesses outside of China looking to wholesale purchase products from 1688, the platform presents both opportunities and challenges. While the abundance of products and cost benefits are tempting, language barriers, cultural differences and logistical complexities can hinder effective sourcing and communication.

At this time, agents are needed. They are very professional and can help you handle some complicated purchasing processes on the 1688 platform.

How to use agents to purchase in 1688

If you are not familiar with the Chinese market and the purchasing rules of 1688, it is best to find a reliable agent to help you solve the problems you will encounter.

When you find your agent, you can tell your agent the items you need to purchase and your requirements, such as size, quality or budget, etc. You can also directly provide them with product names, links, pictures, etc. They will handle the rest of the purchasing process for you based on your requirements. They can help you choose the right products, negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, purchase, ship for you, and more.

They will find the best supplier for you or negotiate with suppliers to get the lowest price. They also check the quality of the products before shipping. Tracking the logistics after shipment saves you a lot of time.
If you need to find a reliable 1688 agent, please contact us at GoodCan, we will serve you throughout the process.

Benefits of working with 1688 agents

Cooperating with 1688 agents can bring you a lot of convenience. Our agents are familiar with the local market structure and have proficient language skills, and can provide you with benefits in terms of products and prices.

Safe purchasing guaranteed

If it is your first time to trade in the Chinese market, you may face many risks. Because you are not familiar with the Chinese market and procurement process and language, you are likely to encounter bad things. Honesty and security are vital in business transactions. Cooperating with 1688 agents, because we have many years of experience in purchasing from 1688, we can help customers avoid many risks. Make the entire procurement process safer and more reliable. At the same time, it can also help customers better understand the procurement process and market development.

Best prices

By choosing a 1688 agent in China, we will have a more comprehensive understanding of China’s business culture, etiquette and negotiation practices. This knowledge can often help you purchase the products you want at the lowest price. It is easier for them to negotiate the lowest price during negotiations with various local factories, suppliers and manufacturers.


When working with 1688 agents, you only need to tell them the products and requirements you need, and they can help you with the rest. They can meet your needs quickly and effectively. This will save you a lot of time.

Where to find reliable agents

In the dynamic pattern of global trade, China’s 1688 agents play a vital role in facilitating procurement, negotiation and logistics, allowing companies to effectively deal with the complex Chinese market.
Contact us, GoodCan would be honored to serve you. We have established stable trade relationships with more than 1,500 buyers in more than 120 countries and are the most firm choice for our customers.

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