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Yiwu Futian market, also called Yiwu international trade market, is located in the middle of Zhejiang province. Near its south is Guangdong, Fujian and Yangtze river hinterland is in the west. To its east is the biggest city – Shanghai, facing the Pacific golden channel. Yiwu now is the world’s largest commodity distribution center. It was determined as the world’s largest market by the UN, the world bank and other international authority.



The first phase of Zhejiang yiwu futian market covers an area of 420 mu, including 340,000 square meters of building area. The market sets up five operation area ranging over main market, manufacturers direct marketing center, commodity procurement, storage, food and beverage center. Totally there are 10007 business stores. Over 100 thousand merchants process gifts, jewelry, toys, artificial flowers and the enterprise direct sales center. The market handles over 50,000 people. The goods are sold to more than 140 countries and areas. More than 90% merchants undertake foreign trade, foreign trade exports accounted for more than 80%.


Yiwu Futian Market District 2 located in the east of Yiwu chouzhou north road, south of futian road. Its planning covers an area of 800 mu, and the total construction area is of 1 million square meters. The market building includes 5 layers, one to three are designed for market, 4 to 5 are designed for producing enterprise direct sales center, the characteristic and the foreign trade institutions. One to three layers can arrange standard stores about 7000; the building area 4 to 5 layer is 120000 square meters. The building area No.1 joint body (central hall) is 33000 square meters; the underground garage building area is 100000 square meters. It mainly engaged in bags, umbrellas, poncho, bags, hardware tools, accessories, electrical products, locks, car, hardware hutch defends, small appliances, telecommunications equipment, clock, table, electronic products, manufacturers direct marketing center, pen and ink products, paper products, glasses, office stationery, sporting goods, sports equipment, cosmetics, knitting accessories, etc.


The Futian District 3 market covers an area of 840 mu, while the total construction area covers 1.75 million square meters, in which the underground construction area covers 0.32 million square meters, and the overground part covers 1.43 million square meters. The total estimated investment is about 5 billion RMB. The first floor sells Glasses?Pens & Ink /Pape rArticles?the second floor sells Office Supplies?Sports Equipments?Office Supplies?Sports Equipments?Stationery & Sports, the third floor sells Cosmetic?Wash & SkinCare?Beauty Salon Equipment?Cosmetic Accessories?Mirror/ Comb?Buttons /Zipper?Fashion Accessories?Accessories /Parts?and the forth floor sells Stationery Sports?Cosmetic?Glasses?Buttons/ Zipper.


Yiwu Futian Market District 4 construction area reaches 1.08 million square meters and contains 16000 booths and 19000 suppliers now. The first floor sells socks; the second floor with daily consumption, gloves, caps and knittings; the third floor sells shoes, ribbons, lace, ties, yarn and towels; the forth floor with bra underwears, belts and scarves. There are adequated supporting services including Logistics, e-commerce, international trading, financial service, catering service and so on. There are also distinctive business services, such as 4D cinema and tourism shopping.


Yiwu Futian Market District 5 market is in the south of Chengxin Road and in the north of Yinhai road. The total investment reaches 14.2 billion RMB. The market, with over 7000 booths, sells imported goods, beddings, textile, knitting materials and auto accessories. There are 5 floors on the ground and 2 floors under ground. The first floor sells imported goods, the second floors sells beddings, and the third floor sells cloths and curtains.

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