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What you Need to Know About Order Merging

In the field of international trade transportation, efficiency is of the utmost importance. One strategy that has received much attention in recent years is order consolidation. It consolidates multiple packages and ships them together. This step simplifies the shipping process and reduces business costs.

Learn about order merging

Order consolidation is the practice of combining multiple smaller orders from different customers or suppliers into a single shipment. Rather than shipping each order individually, businesses are consolidating them into one shipment, reducing the number of shipments and optimizing shipping efficiency. This process typically occurs in a distribution center or fulfillment center, where orders are sorted, grouped, and packaged for shipment.

For example, I bought 5 different products from 5 different merchants on the 1688 website. If I follow the traditional shipping method, they will be shipped to me in 5 packages, and the shipping speeds are also different. To want them, I had to get five tracking codes at the shipping address five times.

If the order consolidation strategy is used, they will be sent to a warehouse first, and the goods I bought will be consolidated into one package for delivery. Then I only need to pick up the goods once at the delivery address to get these five goods.

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Advantages of order consolidation

Implementing order consolidation can bring several significant benefits to your business:

Cut Costs

By consolidating multiple orders into one shipment, businesses can significantly reduce shipping costs. Fewer shipments means lower shipping costs, and potential savings in handling and packaging costs. Most sellers and buyers have significantly reduced their costs. It can improve your profit margins.

Improve Efficiency

Do you think that adding more steps to order consolidation will reduce the efficiency of transportation? On the contrary, order consolidation simplifies the shipping process, thereby reducing transit times and increasing delivery reliability. Consolidating orders can also reduce the administrative burden associated with managing multiple shipments, freeing resources for other tasks.

Easy Shipping Tracking

With traditional split shipping, you need to track multiple shipping items. For example, if you have 4 shipping items, there are 4 tracking codes. You need to check 4 of them each time and wait for the orders to arrive separately. This is a headache for many people. And order merging is a good way to solve this problem. By combining all your orders, you can manage and receive all your items at once.

Environmental Friendly

Order consolidation is also beneficial to the environment. Multiple items are combined and shipped in one package, which reduces the use of plastic materials, reduces the increase in accumulated waste, and reduces environmental pollution. And combining multiple packages can also reduce pollution during transportation.
This is an excellent step towards environmental protection in the transportation field, and many consumers will choose to consolidate orders because they think it is more environmentally friendly.


Order consolidation is a powerful strategy for optimizing logistics operations, reducing costs, and improving supply chain management efficiency. By understanding the basics of order consolidation and implementing best practices, businesses can streamline their shipping processes, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve significant cost savings. Making order consolidation a strategic move can help businesses succeed in today’s competitive market.

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